Variator 115mm Performance GY6 150 13G With 115mm Outer Fan

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GY6 150cc 115mm Performance Variator Kit with 115mm Outer fan.

The secondary pulley we call the Variator. Ours is a larger diameter 115mm Variator upgrade from the 107mm stock. Our fan is also 115mm so the extra 8mm means you can add 5-7 more MPH on your top end over stock!

This is a direct Bolt on upgrade for most GY6 150cc motors from China you'll find in ATV's. Scooters and Gokarts.

-Performance 6 ramp 115mm Variator
-Backing plate w, Nylon guides
-115mm Variator outer Fan
-Center Boss pin
-9pc 13 Gram Roller set (6pcs plus 3 spares!)
-FREE set of 1000RPM clutch arm springs

Check pictures for reference.