Variator Performance GY6 150 13G (No Fan)

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GY6 150cc 115mm Performance Variator Assembly (No Fan)

Larger diameter 115mm Variator upgrade from a 107mm Variator.
The extra 8mm means you'll add 5-7 more MPH on your top end!

Need a new Variator and rollers but don't want to spend a lot?
This is a Replacement 115mm Variator with 13g (12.7) Roller weights will add more torque and top end.

Fits most GY6 150cc Gokarts, ATV's, and Scooters

Performance 6 ramp 115mm Variator
13g (12.7) roller weights,
Backing plate w, Nylon guides
Boss pin
Uses your existing fixed fan. Outer fixed fan is not included

If you also need a fan, check out our Bargain Bin for an awesome deal.

Check pictures for reference.