Variator DR3 Kit 150c Scooter

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KNM, the original inventor of the "dual weight Variator" has improved our original DR2 Variator and now, 
we're making the DR3 right here in the USA!

If you liked our DR2, you're going to LOVE our DR3.
Our DR3 will ramp up to a higher top speed, faster on your scooter or ATV  but it's really designed to add some serious low end kick.

Designed & Tested on TaoTao, Kinroad and UMspeed Scooters. This will work on almost every other GY6 150cc scooter.

No more trading your top end for low end torque like you do
in any other Variator. In fact, testing showed increases in top end speed too!!

Up to 8-10MPH or MORE on your TOP END over your stock 107mm! (& when using the heavier weights) Not bad considering it's designed for low end torque.
NO HYPE, NO FLUFF, No Bull, NO other Variator can touch our DR3 in your Scooter! 

With a Larger slide face and Slide ramps that are specifically designed to accentuate the travel of your Polygon weights and our patented Deeper and steeper weight wells, add to your take off and smooth out the power band too.

It's the most tuneable and user friendly variator on the market AND Race tested, we knock the snot out of Top Named brand variators, by quite a bit!

The DR3 kit comes with everything you need:

  • -115mm Fixed outer fan with 19 splines, 
  • -115mm KNM Performance modified variator, 
  • -Backing plate with durable nylon guides
  • -Industry leading "high carbon steel" Center Boss pin and 
  • -NEW- $90 Free Sliders!) 3 sets of quality SLIDER weights, instead of Rollers. We take the guess work out for you and add our most popular weight sets that can be used as a single set or combined for better tuning options that will cover every type of vehicle, driving style and terrain out there.
  • (6pcs each)-
  • -10 gram sliders, 
  • -12 gram sliders
  • -15 gram sliders*
    *New, customer requested-
    Includes heavier 15g weights (Instead of 14's) for even more top speed in your scooter!

Use one of the included 6 slider weight sets or
Mix & Match between 2 sets to tune your low end, change your shifting speed or your Top end! Our Race modified ramps are designed to get more out of your Polygon weights than any other variator. We accentuate the positive!

There's nothing else that even comes close to our DR3 and 
it just slides on and bolts right up in just a couple minutes! 
(1 fan nut, it's that easy!)

This kit fits TaoTao GY6 150cc Scooters as well as MOST other 
GY6 125/150cc Scooters from China.

DR3 Proper fit details:

  • Drive face center hole: 19 teeth [spline shaft]
  • Drive face hole diameter:  15mm 
  • Drive face diameter: 115mm
  • Variator face diameter:  115mm
  • Variator Pin length:  51.5mm 
  • Variator Pin OD:  24mm 
  • Variator Pin ID: 14.9mm 

Check out our KNM GARAGE show on YouTube!