Spring Main Torque/Contra GY6 50cc to 250cc

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Main Torque (Contra) Springs for your GY6 50cc through 250cc Imported vehicle.

The Rear Torque Spring is in charge of how quickly you shift from Slow to Top speed.

A heavier spring will get you a noticeable increase on low end torque by stalling your takeoff just a little and has a nice downshift when you let off the gas which is Great for faster cornering!

Most STOCK VEHICLES come with a 1000RPM main spring.
The higher the number, the stiffer the spring, the more rpms you'll get at takeoff.

(Colors may vary)

Choose vehicle size:

  • GY6 50cc 
  • JOG 50cc 
  • GY6 150cc 
  • CN/CF 250cc

and Tension:

  • 1000RPM
  • 1500RPM
  • 1800RPM
  • 2000RPM

    Check pictures for proper fit.
    *Important measurements are the Inner and outer diameters of the Spring.
    The Length has more to do with Tension than fit and may be taller or shorter than your stock one.

    Watch How to install your new Contra Spring!