Slider Weight Sets $23-$39

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6 PC Set- Quality DRPulley or KNM House Brand Slider weights in various sizes and weights for your imported Scooter, ATV or Gokart.

A Slider weight will act close to 1-1/2 Gram lighter on low end, than the same weight in Roller. So, replacing your rollers with the same weight sliders, you'll gain a little more rpm's at takeoff. Drop another gram or two and raise your take off speed even more!
*Going more than 2-3 grams under stock will start resulting in a trade off of top end to gain more low end.

If you're not sure what size weight you need, measure your stock weights.
Weights are measured as follows:

1st number is Width in Millimeters 
2nd number is Height in Millimeters 
3rd number is Weight in Grams

18x14x10= 18mm Wide, 14mm Tall and 10 Grams heavy.

Choose your size.
All KNM House weight sets come with a 1yr warranty from KNM!