Sliding Flying Roller weight sets 18x14

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Our new Flying Roller weights get you

  • MORE low end Torque and 
  • MORE Top End

Innovation makes the standard slider weight design work just a little bit better by having a poly Carbon wing that flexes a few Millimeters more to push your variator open just a little bit further for more top end than a regular slider then it flexes down more at bottom end for just a little more there too!

You can also replace outer the Poly collar, once they are worn!

The Flying roller has a top "Wing" that actually pushes the backing plate in and out, just a little bit further and a little bit quicker, for a better response than a DRPulley Slider weight!

The open end of the slider, goes against the center of the variator and the horn goes up top, as shown. These work awesome in our DR3 variator for the 150cc!

Check pictures for more Details