Sliding Flying Roller weight sets 18x14 NEW!!!

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Want the best of the best in Slider weights?
Our new Flying Roller weights get you, 

  • MORE low end Torque and 
  • MORE Top End
    Than Dr Pulley sliders!
    AND, the replaceable quality Poly carbon outer wing lasts a super long time!

Innovation makes the standard slider weight design work just a little bit better by having a poly Carbon wing that flexes a few Millimeters more to push your variator open just a little bit further for more top end than a regular slider then it flexes down more at bottom end for just a little more there too!

You can also replace outer the Poly collar, once they are worn, at a fraction the cost of buying new! 
These install just like the DR Pulley sliders but the Flying roller has a top "Wing" that actually pushes the backing plate in and out, just a little bit further and a little bit quicker, for a better response than a DRPulley Slider weight!

The open end of the slider, goes against the center of the variator and the horn goes up top, as shown. These work awesome in our DR2 & 3 variators!

Check pictures for more Details