ONYX NiCd, NiMH & LIPO Deluxe Battery charger (Lightly Used)

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This ONYX charger is in "near new" condition and comes complete in box with manual, extra plugs and attachments included. This will charge about every type of battery for RC vehicles out there.
I paid $100 new, they retail for $85 now.


  • Balances and charges up to 4 LiPo, LiIon and LiFe cells — and peak charges up to 10 cell NiCd and NiMH cells.
  • Charges all packs at up to 8A — and lithium packs at up to 4C!
  • Includes the 5 output adapters drivers use most: standard, Traxxas® and Star Plug* connectors, plus JST XH and Thunder Power™ 6S balancing boards.
  • Detachable AC and DC cords reduce tabletop clutter, but leave power options open.
  • Balances lithium cells with +/- 5mV accuracy — maximizes the voltage charge of each cell and simultaneously conditions them for longer life and solid performance.
  • Features push buttons and audible cues for simple setup — and 10 battery memories for instant recall and customized results.
  • Protects packs with an automatic safety timer — and itself with reverse polarity and current overload circuitry.
  • Built-in fan kicks in automatically, to keep heat down and performance high.

AC input: 
110V 60Hz-240V 50Hz, 50W max
DC input: 11-15V Battery types: 1-10 NiCd or NiMH (1.2-12.0V); 1-4 LiPo, LiIon or LiFe (3.7-14.8V)
Battery capacity range: 50-9900mAh
Fast charge current: 0.1-8.0A, adjustable (4C limit for lithiums; 5A limit w/AC input)
Fast charge termination: Peak detection (NiCd/MH cells) cc/cv (lithium cells)
Fast charge safety timer: off-300 minutes
NiCd/MH peak sensitivity: 3-20mV, adjustable
NiCd/MH trickle current: 1/20 fast charge setting (auto) or 0-250 mA (manual)
Lithium balancing accuracy: 5mV per cell
Lithium balancing boards (2): JST XH & Thunder Power 6S
Lithium node current (max.): 300mA
Controls: 4 push buttons
Battery memories: 10
Display type: 2x8 reversed, backlit LCD
Data displayed: Cell chemistry; input, output and peak voltage (packs), balancing voltages (cells) & charge current, capacity and time.
Setup tones: on / off
Audible melodies: 5
Output connections*: banana jacks; balancing jack; universal jack (for radio packs); USB jack (for cell phones & music players); mini USB jack (for firmware downloads)
Output adapters (3): banana plugs to: standard, Traxxas High-Current & Star Plug
Protective Devices: solid-state reverse polarity and current overload & safety timer
Cooling system: Fan
Case Size: 6.3 x 5.3 x 1.7 in (160 x 134 x 43 mm)
Weight: 19.7 oz (559 g, w/DC cord attached)