Exhaust Muffler Brushed Aluminum 150cc

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3 bolt Exhaust Muffler (CLOSEOUT!!)
Very deep professional sound without being too loud.
Works on almost all scooters and motorcycles that can use the Three bolt design.

We bought a bunch of these pipes so we could test the fit and function as well as the factory that makes them. It's how we do all our parts. Well, they're definitely a solid pipe, they work and sound great but their inner welds look clumsy and their shipping method didn't protect the product from damage as they kick them all the way from Taiwan.
On the bright side,
These pipes sound super nice on a Scooter and they are well built but the inner welds around the connection inlet have too much weld and it looks messy. 

Ryan says, "Hey Dad, why don't we just let the customers dremmel the slag and clean them up themselves and we can blow them out to give the customer a super deal then we can get some different ones in here and try again? We may lose a couple bucks in the short run but we'll save time and like you always say Dad, time is money!"
Smart boy but I told him but, now that we're giving such a huge deal on these, he can't get that raise.  ;-)

NOTE: Comes with a shrink wrap skin around muffler to protect it during shipping!
Be sure to REMOVE ALL PLASTIC, after installing butBefore starting and running.
Don't ask us how we know that

Comes with:

  • Your choice of 12 inch or 17 inch long, Brushed Aluminum Muffler
    (While supply lasts)

  • 3 Bolts and an Exhaust gasket

Check picks for measurements and proper fit.

These are Closeout Items and are sold "As is". You understand that you're getting an expensive exhaust for next to nothing because it has a blemish, slag buildup and/or some other anomaly that will not hinder its performance but make it so we can not sell them at full retail.