Exhaust Muffler Kit Performance Hammerhead 150cc

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HUGE SALE!!!! Cheapest on the Internet!

This kit is guaranteed to retrofit any Hammerhead 150cc go-kart on the market and will probably retrofit most other brands of 150cc go-karts or other similar GY6-150cc engines that are mounted the same way as the Hammerhead 150 engines such as American SportWorks, Trailmaster, Carter Bros, Kinroad, SunL, Massimo, Blade, Roketta, etc...

This is the best Exhaust kit on the market for 150cc Gokarts!
Comes with your choice of Black, Blue or Red Endcap to match your Gokart!

The HammerHead Performance 150cc Exhaust Kit comes complete with a head pipe, aluminum muffler with a laser-etched HammerHead Performance logo as well as an anodized billet end cap to match the color of your go-kart.

Not only does this kit sound very throaty and clear, but it is guaranteed to increase your acceleration power, top end speed and overall performance.  You will be very pleased with what this kit will do for your kart's performance and looks.

  • 100% Aluminum Muffler with anodized end cap in a variety of colors
  • Spark Arrestor
  • HammerHead Performance logo on muffler 
  • Fits most 150cc go-karts on the market
  • Guaranteed to increase speed, power and performance
  • Easy to install as kit comes with all necessary hardware AND instructions

    **Please note that it is up to the buyer to figure out the best combination of jets for their carburetor.
    **Most folks run a #38-#40 Pilot, a *#126 Main (*Subject to your altitude and Air box setup) and a UNI filter instead of the stock air box.

Check pictures for Measurements and proper fit