Exhaust Muffler Universal Slip-on Yoshimura 250-750cc Carbon Fiber

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Yoshimura Universal Slip on Exhaust for your 250 up to 750cc Scooter, Motorcycle, Gokart or ATV.
Simple Slip on design makes for quick installation and universal fit for most vehicles.

  • Style - Beautiful Shape resulting from Tri-Oval design heritage
  • Quality - Unrivaled fit and finish due to improved production tolerances
  • Performance - Optimized for maximum flow and improved ground clearance
  • Sound - Muffler volume and shape produces that magic tone Yoshimura is famous for.
  • Service - Optimized for durability and ease of service

Comes with:

  • Slip on muffler in Carbon Fiber with Grey Stainless Tip (See pics)
  • Spring retainers to tack where you need them for the best Fit/look.
  • Retainer Springs
  • Welding coupler for a Universal fit from your stock header to the new muffler
  • Mounting bracket.


Yoshimura Exhaust Systems require very little maintenance. 

Here are a few tips:

1. Use mild car/motorcycle soap to clean the exhaust system—do not use any abrasives or degreasers.

2. Clean your exhaust with metal/stainless polish every 1-2 months to retain the luster and remove dirt and grime.

3. Avoid contaminating exhaust surfaces when hot.

4.Your exhaust system will change color (blue, magenta, purple, and/or gold) due to heat; this is normal.

5. Keep all clamps, bolts and other fasteners tight as exhaust systems are susceptible to vibration damage.

6. If you ride in coastal regions or areas that use salt to control ice and snow, wipe the exhaust down after it cools to remove any possible salt residue, which can result in rusting.

7. If you are storing your motorcycle for the season, wipe the exhaust system down with rubbing alcohol before storage.8. Head pipes glowing (visible in normal light) may indicate an excessively lean condition that must be corrected.

Carbon fiber equipped exhaust components require special attention. The following addresses wear issues directly related to carbon fiber.

1. Keep all clamps, bolts and other fasteners tight. Carbon Fiber is very susceptible to vibration damage.

2. Keep all chemicals and solvents away from the carbon fiber, as they will damage the finish.

3. High temperatures will cause the resin in the carbon fiber to break down. Visual signs such as an amber hue in the resin may be early signs of heat damage to carbon fiber.

4. Upon seeing amber colored resin, discontinue use. The exhaust system needs to be inspected by a representative from Yoshimura, for repack, and/or repair. Continued use will cause component failure.

Stainless Steel is not rust proof but is less prone to rusting, staining and pitting; but it is prone to oxidation like all metals.
To maintain maximum sound and engine performance the muffler packing will need to be replaced at some time during the muffler’s life. 

Yoshimura recommends repacking your muffler at least once a year. Failure to maintain the muffler packing may cause damage to the muffler. Regularly inspect the muffler body for discoloration, cracks, rattling, or other signs of wear caused by depleted muffler packing.