Clutch Rebuild kit for KNM's GY6 150 Shorty Clutch

Regular price $44.00

Ever wonder why there aren't any rebuildable clutches out there? So did we and we did something about it and designed our rebuildable Shorty clutch line!
We have a rebuild kit for every Shorty clutch we make so we'll always have one waiting for you if you ever need it!
This kit will rebuild our GY6 150cc Shorty clutch to like new again!

  • 3 new GY6 150 Shorty clutch Arms and attached Performance pads 
  • 3 new 1500 RPM arm springs.

Our Shorty rebuild kits only work with our Shorty Clutches.

Get a Shorty clutch and make your ride quicker plus save $ for life by not ever having to replace your clutch again!!