CDI DC PX-03 250cc Digital Adjustable Ignition with built in High Output Coil

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You can't do any better than this for your ignition, Guaranteed!

KNM's Digital, Adjustable, DC Performance CDI Ignition set with "Soft Touch" Rev control and a superior HIGH OUTPUT COIL built right in!

Don't be fooled by knockoffs without the Rev control chip, ours is the original, The conceptual design is originally by KNM!
*Plugs right into most DC 250cc Scooters, ATV's, Motorcycles and Gokarts!

*Check pictures for plug configuration

This doesn't LOOK like your stock CDI because it isn't!

 -You can get rid of your old, weak Coil wire and CDI! Our Digital Adjustable CDI has a High quality, High Output Coil wire actually built into it which helps provide a much stronger, hotter spark.

-3X the BURN! - Our KNM CDI elongates your spark duration from a stock .002 seconds to a whopping .006 seconds long! This gives you a more complete combustion which translates into more power on less fuel!

-Adds close to 20 volts and almost a full 3 amps of extra power, not only making your lights burn brighter but when it's cold outside, they'll be no more killing your battery on cold starts!!

- We've added more tuneability with a Spark Timing dial so you can fine tune your motor's RPM's from 2000rpm's to 10,000rpms to unlock your engines potential!

 -"Almost" Unlimited CDI RPM range with a "Soft Touch" feature that keeps you from over revving, it auto adjusts if needed so you don't have to worry about it!

-Our Exclusive "Soft Touch" Chip Digitally checks your ignition automatically at around 3000rpm and again at 8000 rpms for best performance then keeps track of the timing after 8000rpm for knocking and retards the motor if needed to prevent damage from over revving!  No one else has this!

-There is about a total of 1.5 degree range of spark Advance / Retard angle available if needed.

-Un-lock close to 1hp of untapped power from a plug & play part!!

  • Not only do you get more Horse power but you'll get better gas mileage too!
    Our Scooter Members are reporting between 4-7 more MPG, 3-7 more MPH and reducing emissions all at the same time!

For riders who want the best!

 Because of the power of our CDI, you will probably need to raise your main jet a couple sizes higher when installing this CDI due to the extra power you'll have.

Check out our Air & Fuel section for additional jets you may need.


 If you're not sure if you have an AC or a DC, 
A "Quick Check" is,
If you can turn your lights on with just the key in the "on" position but the engine not running, yours is probably a DC unit but this method is not always accurate because your lights may be run directly from your battery and not your CDI. 

A better method is,
If you only have 1 wire going into the small "2 pronged plug" on your stock cdi, you probably have a DC CDI. 
Having 2 wires going into the small plug on your CDI, usually means it's an AC.

The sure fire method is:
Count the wires coming from your stator.
If you have 5 wires, you have an AC system.
If you only have 4 wires, (No red/black wire), you have a DC system.

*MOST 250 cc Vehicles can use this DC model but be sure to check your users manual and manually check your plug configuration before ordering. If your plug looks different, you could get our PX-03 without the plug, save a few dollars and wire it yourself! Our PX-03 DC CDI will work on any single cylinder DC fired engine, regardless of CC's!