CDI DC 250cc Stock

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Stock replacement DC CDI for CN250cc engines.
Check pics for plug configurations


 If you're not sure if you have an AC or a DC, a "quick check" is - If you can turn your lights on with just the key in the "on" position but the engine not running, yours is probably a DC unit but this method is not always accurate because your lights may be run directly from your battery and not your CDI. A better method is,
If you only have 1 wire going into the small "2 pronged plug" on your stock cdi, you probably have a DC CDI. 
Having 2 wires going into the small plug on your CDI, usually means it's an AC.
Checking your manual is the preferred method but looking for one or two wires in your small plug also works most of the time however, we can not guarantee it. You are ultimately responsible for ordering the correct CDI for your needs.

Be sure to check your users manual and/or, manually check your plug configuration before ordering. Because of the nature electronics, we can not accept returns on any electrical items. PLEASE, you need to be sure BEFORE YOU ORDER. 
Once we ship it to you, it's yours.