CDI AC-DDI - Smart Digital Adjustable Ignition CDI with Hi/Lo & DC Boost

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KNM's AC DDI (Dual Digital Ignition)
Low and high timing dials and a DC Power boost Toggle switch)
THIS IS OUR BEST CDI and no one else can touch it!

Get them now before they're gone forever!

AC CDI Ignition box with DC power boost from your battery.
There just isn't a better CDI on the market, bar none!! 
Our CDI has a built in High Output Coil wire built right into our CDI for the most power you can get plus a hi and low speed spark timing dials so you can manually adjust your burn AND, we've added 12V from your battery so you'll get more power than anyone else on the planet!!
You'll still have an AC machine but you'll get to use that DC power for an extra boost.

A 50-150cc AC fired CDI with a DC boost from your battery!
We'll soon be copied but the conceptual design and real time road testing was done right here at KNM and with the Mini Buggy riding Assoc and this thing is amazing!
Guaranteed more power than you can get from any other AC only CDI on the market now!!

WHY is ours better?

Our Digital AC CDI with built in High output Coil now uses your systems DC power as well, for better mid to top speed and it's still a simple plug & play upgrade, just run the included extra wire to your battery's hot terminal (Instructions included) and you're set!!

Works on 50-150cc AC fired Scooters, Go karts, Motorcycles and ATV's (*) 

We never rest and "Good, is never good enough!

 WHY USE your battery and Stator Power too?

Your AC fired machine works OK at low rpms but suffers some after half throttle because the power coming from your stator is weaker and slower than your battery. 
Our CDI switches over to your battery power automatically and that extra immediate voltage really helps wake up your motor! You can not get this kind of power from any other performance AC only CDI!

Here's what you'll get with this NEW Smart AC CDI/Coil combo...

  • Our CDI is mounted closer to your Spark plug creating less resistance and a MUCH BETTER SPARK! we don't waste power in a long coil wire.
  • 10.500 RPM range with a safety feature, it auto adjusts with the "Soft Touch" chip to avoid over revving!

  • Digitally elongates your spark duration from a .002 seconds to a whopping .006 seconds! 
    3X More burn = More HP, better gas milage and cleaner emissions!

  • Dual Hi & Low Timing dials for precise tuning. Digitally advances your ignition automatically at around 3000rpm and again at 8000rpms for best performance then retards after 10,500rpm to prevent damaging your motor from over reving! and now, you can manually adjust your spark timing like never before, for the best performance available!
  • There is about a 1 degree range of Advance / Retard angle available if you need it. 1 degree for each stage (Lo / Hi). 
  • Most stock machines will not need to mess with the dial, the CDI will do its thing automatically but if you've done mods or plan to, this is the only CDI that will grow with you too!!

  • What makes the KNM DDI EXTRA SPECIAL? - The new addition of an electronic DC switch. Once you are running, our CDI automatically adds the power coming from your stator, with your batteries power too. The instantaneous 12+V from your battery, gives you a stronger spark for higher rpm's than anyone else who just has a plain old AC CDI!

  • Un-lock untapped power and greatly improve efficiency! 

  • The included On / Off Toggle switch can be used to turn your motor off and used as an anti- theft deterrent! Your bike won't start when the switch is in the off position. (You can also omit the toggle and just connect it directly to your starter switch)

  • Great for stock motors with a weak spark and hard cold starting and a "Must" when upgrading your carburetor and intake and is a perfect fit for installing Big Bore or 4 valve head Kits!

  • You will get a better, faster running machine with an even higher RPM potential, less emissions and 
    better gas mileage too!

    Members are reporting between 4-7 more miles per gallon!

    Although this CDI switches to DC power, you still need an AC powered machine to begin with.

*This will not work on a DC fired machine. 

The DDI Comes with, 
An (English) Installation Diagram and step by step instructions,
Toggle switch mounting nut & washers.

You may need to raise your main jet a couple sizes higher when installing this CDI due to the extra power you'll have.
Check out our Jetting section for a 3 jet pak to fine tune your ride!

Do I have an AC or DC CDI?


 If you're not sure if you have an AC or a DC, 
A "Quick Check" is,
If you can turn your lights on with just the key in the "on" position but the engine not running, yours is probably a DC unit but this method is not always accurate because your lights may be run directly from your battery and not your CDI. 

A better method is,
If you only have 1 wire going into the small "2 pronged plug" on your stock cdi, you probably have a DC CDI. 
Having 2 wires going into the small plug on your CDI, usually means it's an AC.

The sure fire method is:
Count the wires coming from your stator.
If you have 5 wires, you have an AC system.
If you only have 4 wires, (No red/black wire), you have a DC system.

You are ultimately responsible for ordering the correct CDI for your needs.

Be sure to check your users manual and/or, manually check your plug configuration before ordering. Because of the nature electronics, we can not accept returns on any electrical items. PLEASE, you need to be sure BEFORE YOU ORDER. 
Once we ship it to you, it's yours.