Carburetor 30mm Pumper with Auto Choke

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LOWEST PRICING ANYWHERE! (Until they're gone!)

Quality 30mm Pumper carburetor with Auto choke upgrade.
Great Carb for GY6 150cc, up to 300cc ATV, Scooter and Gokarts.
The accelerator pump on our carb gives you an INSTANT response when you hit the throttle and the 30mm intake gets you more power!!

If you're upgrading an off road buggy, this is a much better choice than a slide carb because you won't have that annoying revving from having your foot bounce on the peddle and it's not as temperamental in very cold, hot or muggy weather or higher altitudes, like the slide carbs are!

This carburetor is a little taller than most stock carburetors because of the pump at the bottom (See pics)
In some instances, you may need to be creative when installing it in tight spaces. 
Turning the carb a little, modifying your intake manifold or adding a spacer are common workarounds if you find yourself in that situation and it's worth the extra effort for most folks. This carb really adds a nice increase in power when jetted correctly for your particular vehicle and setup.

Comes with a #125 main jet and a #38 pilot installed

Check pictures f
or more details.

We only deal with one factory in Taiwan for all of our carburetors and they only make carburetors. They do it well and to our exact QC requirements! 

Each one is inspected at least twice before it gets to you, insuring you get a quality product every time, we guarantee it!