Cam Performance A9 GY6 150cc

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Top quality Performance cam for your GY6 150cc engine.
We have found the A9 Cam for the GY6 to be the best all around performance upgrade for top speed.
Our A9 gets you more top end and it's a super easy install!
Made in Taiwan with High grade steel and Japanese bearings
26.94 intake
26.77 Exhaust

For reference, the higher you go in number in Cam, the more low end torque you get. The lower the number, the more top end.
This A9 is as low as we would suggest you go and it will net you more top speed.
An A10 Cam would be for more mid range torque. 

An A11 Cam is as high as we would suggest and has the best low end take off speed for things like drag racing but not as much top speed and, it's also hard on your engine. We do not suggest going this high unless you're circuit racing and don't mind replacing your piston and rings every season.