Air Filter 2-Stage UNI Universal Clamp on 2" I.D x4"

Regular price $23.95

UNI filters are a superior filtering option and a trusted brand for off road vehicles when you need the best.
This 2" ID and 4" long filter will fit 28-30mm carburetors found on most 250cc machines and is a major part to our "Redneck Intake" upgrade.

2-Stage means this UNI has a fine mesh inner foam filter (Dark Grey) for superior protection against unwanted dirt and a more course outer sock (Red) that keeps the big stuff off of the inner filter so it can do its job longer before needing to be cleaned, for a superior double filtering system that will save you time and money!.
Comes with Factory Stickers!

Don't forget to add a UNI Oil & cleaning kit for proper care and years of continued use!