Members Showcase Page

Here are a few of our members rides. We have some real innovative members out there and it's awesome you guys like to share!
Send us your pictures and your story and we'll put you up here too!



Adam is a service man and stationed in Bejing China.
He picked up an old 50cc Honda Ruckus and put a GY6 150cc motor in it.
A real clean machine and we love the naked look!

Adam is running our

  • KNM's DR3 Variator with alternated 12G and 14G sliders, 
  • A 1500rpm main spring and
  • KNM's 1500rpm Shorty clutch and Bell kit.
  • KNM's Adjustable Digital CDI/Coil combo and Iridium plug.
  • A10 Cam
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Kevlar Belt

    If you ever want to sell it Adam, we're interested! :-)


Jeff's rides out on the West coast and we're sure he turns some heads with his hot looking Joyner 250. It started out as a 2 seater but Jeff turned it into a single seat and that custom hood looks pretty good too! It's obvious Jeff is in Love with his Joyner and so are we!
One question though, where do the ladies sit? :-)

Jeff has installed:

  • Sand tires on the front and paddle tires on the rear, 
  • Harley shocks and custom covers
  • Modified his CVT cover to show of his
  • KNM's CF250 1500rpm Shorty clutch kit
  • KNM's Vented Performance Variator with 20g Sliders installed
KNM's Digital PX-03 Adjustable CDI/Coil combo and Iridium Plug.

Jeff won't let us tell you how he modified his motor but we can tell you, it ain't stock any more! :-)




    What do you get when you cross a Hammerhead with a Polaris?
    You get the Pitt Man Hammer trail Boss 325cc!
    The "Pitt man" took a Hammerhead 150cc body and married it with the rear end of a 325 Polaris trailboss and came up with this baby!
    Looks pretty cool and it's gotta be nice have the only one!
    Check it out!