Battery Charger CBC Intelligent IC5

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CBC Intelligent Battery Charger for Lead-Acid and Gel Batteries.
LED charge Display
Charges 6 & 12V Lead Acid or Gel Batteries

Input-100-240AC 50/60Hz
Current-Max 0.5

Current-Max 4.0A
Battery Range-2.2Ah-120Ah

  • -Automatically adjusts the charging current according to the batteries capacity rating!
  • -Charge fully drained Batteries and can leave plugged in because it will automatically shut of when fully charged then turn back on if the battery drains while in storage!
  • -Polarity reverse protection
  • -Short circuit protection
  • -Over temp protection
  • -Over current protection
  • -Over voltage protection
  • -Interchangeable connectors assures you can charge any vehicle with ease.

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