Clutch & Bell Kit Shorty CN250 CLOSEOUT SALE!!

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We're sad to see it go but the CN250 motor has been discontinued so our CN250 Shorty clutch & Bell kit will soon be no more.
If you own a 250cc Honda Helix Motorcycle, a Hammerhead buggy (Pre-2006), Kinroad/Roketa/Baja 250 or any other CN250 vehicle, this is the clutch for you!
Also, while our 250 Shorty may soon be gone, we have made a rebuild kit for every clutch we've made so no worries on finding parts later, we got you covered!

KNM designed the Shorty Clutch & Bell Kit because there wasn't anything like it on the market so we made it ourselves and over 10 years, no one has matched it yet!!
And now, we're selling it at a ridiculous price so you can see for yourself how much better our Shorty is against the competition.

Smaller, lighter and more durable than your stock clutch and with less mass, our Shorty spins up a ton faster so more of your engines power goes to the wheels instead of spooling up a heavy clutch and bell, improving your hole shot by 400rpm's or more!

A KNM Exclusive Designed and manufactured Clutch that is 11 years strong and still going!
Check out our DIY web site @ for more details and the history of how the Shorty came to be.
Our Shorty Kit includes our
  • -Patented Rebuildable Shorty Clutch with extra long pads for more grip and longevity and our
  • -Shorty Performance Bell housing.
Our Shorty is also re-buildable!

Our rebuild kits include, 3 New Arms with Pads and 3 New 1500rpm Arm Springs and are available in our store for a fraction the cost of replacing your whole clutch! We have a rebuild kit for every Shorty we make so you'rs will be waiting for you if you ever need to rebuild! Peace of mind and a huge savings!!

This clutch will fit the CN250 motor found in the Honda Helix Motorcycle, Pre 2006 Hammerhead Gokarts, Kinroad Gokarts and most other Chinese vehicles using the CN250 motor.

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