The KNM Shorty Clutch was Born

Continued from last week.........

Our brand new prototyped, dremmel modified, DRPulley HiT clutch blew up like a grenade! Too much torque and not enough dogleg to handle it!
The good news is, we did at least now have "proof of concept", although it was now mostly scattered all over a corn field. We did improve low end torque WAY MORE than we had ever hoped but now we have to figure out why it blew up and fix it.
Whenever we're testing a theory, we tend to test it at it's extreme point and not work our way up to it. I guess it's because I'm impatient. The first Shorty clutch was no different. We just took "a little" bit too much off in one particular area and it failed at an obvious stress point. (More obvious after piecing back together 50 tiny pieces of melted clutch).

Although our new DRPulley clutch was destroyed, we considered the test a wild success but.......
We only had one clutch left and that was our stock one. We had to do this right this time or we wouldn't be riding again for a while and certainly wouldn't be making the national rally in a few weeks.
We took our old stock clutch and made some adjustments to what we had done earlier and wha-la,
Our Shorty clutch was born! Almost 2LBS lighter than our stock 250 clutch and bell and it really made a difference. We then did some real world testing in the field with members of the MBRA to fine tune it then, we were finally were ready to go into full production.
We also built additional arms and springs and packaged them so we could offer an inexpensive rebuild kit for every Shorty clutch we sold to make it even more cost effective for the consumer.

Our Shorty clutch did us proud and helped us stay in this business for over 11 years now. Or DR2 and newer DR3 Variator kit was designed and built the same way and we are very proud of the work we put into them both and we know you all like them too so what's more to do?


Stay tuned for our next blog and we'll tell you why you can't get a Shorty clutch any more but the DR3 Variator kit is still available.
It may break your heart or inspire you, or you may just have a few minutes to kill before lunch and you've already watched all the kitten videos you can handle :-)
Hope to see you soon!


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