Oh Boy! it's cold on the East coast but we're in full Spring Mode!....

It's Mid January and still cold here on the East Coast but in the off road retail world, we're gearing up for full Spring mode!
What that means for us at KNM is, time to start bringing out the stuff we've been working on the bench over the winter, into the open air for real world testing and public view and it's also the start of Rally and Race planning for the year. In other words, it's nuts around here!

What have we been working on you ask?

Well of course, we were very busy building the new store over the winter months (We hope you like it!) but all that stuff is boring. You want to hear how you're going to be able to go faster in 2018 than you did in 2017 and we're right there with ya!!!

Well, some of it is still a secret, some of it unfortunately didn't pan out but, what was left that did work out, is kinda cool however,...
I can't tell you all, just yet. Nothing worse than saying something too early and looking stupid later (Although, that doesn't seem to bother me any other time :-) )

Here's what I can tell you so far. 

We have partnered with another motorhead company early last year (RCH) to bring both our ideas and designs to life. We may bring in one or two more heads in the near future but for now, two heads are usually better than one and KNM and RCH compliment each others expertise so we can deliver a much better, well thought out product you need and can rely on. The greatest thing about this is, we're making everything right here in the US ourselves!

SO, what has this new "Dream Team" done over the past 12 months?

Well, our biggest project (The secret one) had to be put on the back burner. (an audible "Awwww" plays in the background.)
I can't tell you anything about that one because it's still on the table and it's a biggie that's not yet completed (or protected) and would get stolen in a NY heartbeat so we're keeping it under wraps for now. 

What I CAN tell you now is,

We have a new 200cc Exhaust header with a swivel base coming out with a mounted FMF or Yoshimura slip on canister option that should not only keep the cost down but makes fitment to a lot of different vehicles a breeze. The initial performance prototyping and Dyno specs have been done and a few fitment trials have been done. Now, we have a pretty retail version on it's way here in a few weeks so we'll be putting them on the shelves really soon.
Check KNMparts.com site and your email over the next month for more info and an introductory price for registered members on this pipe kit.

But wait,, there's more! That's not all we've been working on!

This one isn't quite ready for prime time yet as we're still in the testing and fitment stage so anything can still happen but we're close enough to let you in on our progress with it so far.
We have a new "Bolt-on" rear swing arm coming out that helps immensely when cornering by allowing the rear to "slide" in a "cradle" which addresses the lack of camber adjustments on off road gokarts. Now when we say "bolt-on", right now, it will actually bolt right onto the Kandi 200 series karts. It will also work with other brands but some welding of brackets may be needed. (We're working on that improvement and hope to have that option as a standard by the time we go public with it.)
This thing is super cool as as soon as we have some video and pictures of a finished prototype (and come up with what to call it because there's nothing like it already), we'll get them up for you to check out.

Last but not least,

We're always Jonesin for a rally of any kind once Spring gets here. Been cooped up for too long and my peddle foot is itching! (I hope it's not a rash!)
We have an awesome venue for the Off Road Buggy enthusiasts in the Mid Atlantic region in Fall 2018 and this is a first!
This year, KNM & RCH has been invited to the National Supercross event, "Bash at the Beach" in Southern NJ. This is a televised event on FOX and we will be the half time show! Yes, buggies on a Supercross track! This is a first folks and you'll want to be part of it!
Who is "WE"? Not just me and Mike bumping each other around the track, no, no! WE, is YOU too!!! We need as many buggies as we can fit so we're doing a shout out for anyone who's been looking to show off their buggy and driving prowess or just have a lot of fun with a bunch of other Buggy nuts making history, to join us at the beach in September.
Details will be coming soon but pencil in a weekend this September for the thrill of a lifetime and watch your inbox!!

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