What's going on with Gokarts and KNM?


Our passion for off road karting has been unparalleled so this is one of the hardest things we've had to endure. China has completely ruined the off road gokart sport and killed it before it could ever really get started. We did our best to keep this from happening but every one of them were more concerned with how much money they'll make today and never thinking about tomorrow. Well,

Tomorrow is here and all the major Gokart companies are gone.
(I Told every one of them from Hammerhead to Joyner, Kinroad and Carter but they didn't want to listen!)
Our tech support is still going very strong but we don't make any money from that and we can't continue to do tech support if people are buying their parts on Ebay after getting help from us. It is especially sad because the tech support is the only reason why KNM was even started, selling parts was only a means to make a paycheck so I could spend the time helping folks.

Anyway, no sense in crying over spilled milk.
We have enjoyed our time helping folks all over the world, troubleshooting repairing and upgrading their rides and even more proud of the positive changes we've made in the off road buggy world but alas, Business has dropped off so much that we can barely keep our doors open.
We will continue to roll as long as long as we can but we fear the end is near. Unless you all start buying parts from us, we'll have no choice but to fade away into the sunset.

We have shelves full of scooter, gokart and ATV parts that are always priced the lowest we can afford and even if we close our doors, we will still be around to honor warranties and help with some tech support where needed! We'd never leave anyone hanging.

To take advantage of bulk ordering for an even bigger discount, please call 717-825-0669

We sincerely Thank you for all your support all these years!

We hope everyone will remember us fondly!

With our greatest gratitude,
The Stevens Family,
Tom, Robin & Ryan

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