It all started with the "Redneck Intake"...

The KID and ME first started upgrading Chinese motors (or any motor for that matter) as a necessity when we noticed that we needed to replace our stock air filter in our new 250cc buggy. It was paper and very inefficient and not very cost effective, especially when we were replacing it every few weeks so, we decided to put a cleanable 2 stage UNI filter on there instead.

Figuring we had solved our problem and feeling pretty proud of ourselves, we started her up but now, we were running very lean (Not enough gas) and we lost power. Long story short, through trial and error, we figured out what we had done wrong and soon had her running like a top! It wasn't long before we also bought a 150cc ATV and a 150 Scooter to try the same upgrades on them too and found that the process and parts were identical!

After hearing our story of woe retold by countless others who experienced similar issues all over the country, we decided to share what we had learned on the Internet so others could avoid the trial and errors we had to go through.
Back then, the Internet was fairly new and we could only post small pictures and hand drawn, scanned diagrams of what we had done on popular forums of the time. Digital cameras were rare and very expensive and upload limits were like 1MB anyway and no cell phones, YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat either. How did we even survive back then, especially when also walking up hill, both ways to school, in one shoe? 


After our "Redneck Intake" success, our buggy was finally running better and we no longer were tied to our dealer for a $34 paper filter every month!
While we still wanted even more power of course, we were very happy with the results.

Now everyone is doing the Redneck Intake because it makes sense for most folks and what's better is, we have everything you need to do this cost effective upgrade yourself!
Look under PERFORMANCE PARTS and choose your engine size, it's that easy! Scooter, Go-Kart or ATV, it works for all of them and of course, we're always here to walk you through anything you need help with for free before you order, if you need it!!

A few weeks later, we were going so fast, we broke our drive belt and had to take the CVT cover off for the first time, to replace it. That's when the fun really began!..........

.....Stay tuned next week to learn how a broken belt situation turned into the next KNM performance part!

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