What I want to be when I grow up. Without actually growing up.

Hi everyone.
Everyone knows by now, we're heading off into the sunset. We're sad to go but all good things come to an end.
What I'm going to do next has been a hot topic in my house lately. I'm thinking CEO of a large marketing firm and my wife is thinking Wal-Mart greeter would be more appropriate. If I'm honest with myself, I'm probably somewhere in between.

Kids are grown now and doing their own thing which is like holding up a mirror to your own mortality. I'm getting old. I'm not there yet but I can see it clearly from here. I realize I've come a long way from where I started in life but I feel like I never reached my potential. That's in part because I always strive to do better so I guess I learned to never be satisfied with myself. Fifty-eight years of that mentality has made me not appreciate my successes because i quickly move on to, "What's next?" We're supposed to "Stop and smell the roses." Life moves too quickly to stop and smell anything for any prolonged period of time except the faint smell of bull crap you get as you pass by.

Getting old makes me take stock of my life. I've done that about every ten years or so anyway because it's prudent to honestly evaluate yourself every now and then but now, my spreadsheet looks much different. What I want to be when I grow up is no longer my chief goal. I'm here. But, what am I? A go-kart salesman? No, hardly. I am a father and a husband and I believe I've done a fair job at both of those but I'm certainly more than that. It's hard to see that I have been very successful in a lot of areas because I got here primarily through utter failures. When I think about how I started as a homeless person and made it to business owner, I think there's a story there than may inspire others. Since I'm all about inspiring others AND, I have a pretty big vanity streak, I've decided to write a book about it. I think my story is quite interesting.

I wouldn't have published this book while I was still running KidNme. The story I tell is a very personal one. I share my thoughts and actions of some very serious situations. I am very candid on the details of my growing up in the 60's and 70's. I have been places and done things that some may take offense to. 

In my normal, regular life, I'm an open book. WISYWIG" comes to mind. "What you see is what you get." Running a business is another story.
Now that we're closing our doors, I can tell my story.

This is not a book about how to start a business in fifty short years. It's a story of everything that led up to it. It's about what it takes to persevere through much tragedy and loss and how to find the positives in even the most horrific of events. I think sharing that journey can be helpful. 

I've just submitted my manuscript to the publisher. It's a Novel of around 350 pages, give or take. Not war and Peace but I know it's an investment so I did my best to make it something you wouldn't want to put down, I hope.

The next step for my book is editing, cover designs, marketing and a slew of other things I have no clue about yet. I don't even have a title for it.
This is all new to me. I quit school in 9th grade and have never really written anything that got me anywhere besides love poems to pretty girls in high school.
I think I have a flair for picturesque speech though and I believe my story is interesting enough to garner attention so now it's in the publishers hands. We'll see what the professionals say in a few days.

Until then, I'm uploading one of my stories here to wet your appetite.

Let me know what you think?


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