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We were the first and now we're the last of the (Truly) American owned and run full time, businesses in our genre. We've hung on longer than most but it won't last long with China eating up small businesses here in the U.S. Get top quality help, advice and parts from us while you still can because those good old days of service with a smile are just a memory any more! Check out our Show on YouTube to see what we mean! We've been around a while!

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What's going on with Gokarts and KNM?
What's going on with Gokarts and KNM?
The KNM Shorty Clutch was Born
The KNM Shorty Clutch was Born

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We have a line of step by step videos that will walk you through many common repairs and upgrades anyone can do themselves. (With our help!)

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Honda Ruckus Upgrade

Honda Ruckus Upgrade

The ever popular 50cc Honda Ruckus commonly gets a 150cc upgrade from their owners.

See what Adam in Bejing China did with his!

Jeff's Joyner

Jeff's Joyner

Jeff out on the West coast, has turned his 250 Joyner into a single seater! Nice looking ride there Jeff but where are the Ladies going to sit? :-)

Gotta see this!
Your Ride!

Your Ride!

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