Spark Plug CR7HIX Iridium 150cc

Spark plug
  • Item #: Spark Plug CR7HIX Iridium
  • Manufacturer: WPS
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CR7HIX (7544)
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Iridium Spark Plug CR7HIX 150cc
Better and stronger spark means more Horsepower!

Laser-welded iridium center electrode is resistant to heat, corrosion and electrical wear. The tapered ground electrode minimizes quenching. Provides outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability.

Product Features:

  • 0.6 mm iridium-tip center electrode provides durability and a high melting point
  • Taper-cut ground electrode shape provides improved flame reproduction

*Add one of these to our Digital CDI/Coil and leave everyone else in the dust!

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