Clutch & Bell kit SHORTY CF250 w 15K T Spring 24g Rollers

NEW Innovative design, sold exclusively by KidNme!
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  • Item #: SHORTY CF250 w 15K T Spring 24g
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
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What you get:
-CF250 Shorty Cluch
-CF250 Shorty Performance bell

-1500rpm Main spring
-24 gram Roller weight set

We wanted better performance without breaking the bank so, we designed a super quick clutch that's REBUILDABLE TOO and now you can have one!!

CF250 Shorty Clutch (A KNM Exclusive design!)
Much lighter (but stronger) than your stock clutch and bell, the Shorty, packs a punch.
We won't classify it as a "Racing clutch" however, many racers are using it as such.
We simply consider it a better, quicker replacement clutch
that's rebuildable so you won't ever have to buy again!

Don't let the Shorty's price fool you! We designed the Shorty to use in our MBRA buggies over a decade ago to win a few races and save a few bucks in the process. Now, we're making them so YOU can fight the over hyped, over rated and over priced "other" options on the market too! You can get guaranteed better performance with a Shorty installed without spending twice as much on a "Big Box brand".
Our Shorty Clutches are used by Scooter and Go kart enthusiast all over the world because it works as good or even better than the over hyped brands and it just makes sense, if you're going to fix it, fix it right! AND when it finally does come time to replace it, you simply

REBUILD IT at a fraction the cost, with our in store rebuild kits!

It's definately the last clutch you'll ever need!

We've coupled our 1500rpm Shorty Clutch and bell with a
1500RPM Torque Spring for even more power at low speeds and better cornering.

Next, a set of

24g roller weights (23x18) to round out your CF250 get up and go!
Most stock 250 vehicles come with anywhere from 25grams to 30grams. Dropping just a couple grams make a difference. The rule of thumb when dropping weight is that you can get a little more rpm at take off, going 1-2 grams lower than stock without losing top speed. After 2 grams, you will gain more rpms at take off but start to lose top speed exponentially. Each 1-2 gram drops lower at that point will take approximately another 1mph off top end for more low end torque.

This kit combo will get you a good pickup in low speed torque without being TOO aggressive and without losing top speed in most vehicles.

This Kit Fits most CFMoto (CF250) Buggies and Scooters such as the Joyner 250 and late model Hammerhead (after 2006, with Hi/Low). However, Check the center hole dimentions before buying to be sure of proper fit.
To help, Check out our UNIQUE "Do it Yourself" WEBSITE, KNM GARAGE SHOW for more detailed info on these amazing Shorty Clutch Kits and more! We'll even show you how to install it!

Here are some actual testing stats from
one of our first Shorty customers, years ago.
We actually get slightly better numbers with our in house testing on a CN250 Hammerhead but these aren't too shabby either for a very heavy Joyner 250 Go kart!

The hardware I have installed for the test of the shorty clutch:

Installed Shorty clutch kit in:

2007 250cc Joyner Sand Viper
Stock exhaust pipe with gutted muffler
2 stage UNI air filter with K&N precharger on 2" elbow
High performance coil
Racing cdi with 12 deg of advance timing at 9000 rpm
iridium plug
AGM type battery
stock variator with 23 gram rollers
Stock spring behind clutch

Measurements were recorded at about 5 feet above sea level on flat dry asphalt at 75 degrees at 60% humidity.  I measured out 150ft.  I was timed with a stop watch and my max speeds were recorded with gps in the buggy.  I recorded 6 times with the stock clutch and 6 with the prototype.  3 times for each were in low gear and 3 in high gear.

Stock top speed in 150ft = 24.5 mph

Stock Run Low gear       Time
    1                                   6.40 sec
    2                                   6.44 sec
    3                                   6.42 sec
Stock Run High gear      Time
    1                                    7.2 sec  (bad start i think)
    2                                    6.2 sec
    3                                    6.3 sec

Now for the exciting part:

Prototype top speed in 150ft = 27.1 mph

Prototype Run Low gear       Time
    1                                           6.20 sec  (another bad start i think)
    2                                           5.11 sec
    3                                           5.80 sec
Prototype Run High gear      Time
    1                                            5.10  
    2                                            5.90
    3                                            5.12

So in conclusion we gained almost 3 mph in top speed in 150 ft and dropped 1.3 seconds of our fastest stock time!

I had no idea what to expect.  I was certainly surprised and impressed when I got these numbers.
It will be interested to see how the 17 gram rollers and new vented variator will affect everything. 

I hope you can use this info.  I certainly had fun testing it!

-Jonathan H. (FL)-

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