Clutch & Bell Kit SHORTY GY6 150cc

NEW Innovative Lightweight design, sold exclusively by KNM!
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  • Item #: Clutch Shorty and Bell GY6150
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
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Want better a better performance clutch without breaking the bank?

We did too and couldn't find one so KNM has designed a

Our Shorty Clutches are used by Scooter and go kart enthusiast all over the world because it was designed by people who ride, for the average joe who wants performance and super value in one!
Our Exclusive Shorty Clutch kits produce a much quicker take off at a higher RPM for better hill climbing and less stress on your brain and wallet!!

The Shorty is a lightweight, smaller and stronger clutch than your stock one so more of your horse power gets to the wheels quicker! Cuts around 2 seconds off your 1st 150' and adds at least 2mph to your top end on a Gokart and up to 10mph more on a Scooter!
Extra long, Special formulated pads Grab and hold giving you a much quicker takeoff and a smoother top end that stays cooler.

Not only do you get a noticable imrovement in torque and speed but when it finally comes time to replace it, you simply rebuild it, at a fraction the cost of buying a whole new clutch!
That's right, the Shorty is rebuildable and rebuild kits are always in stock!
It's the last clutch you'll ever need!

Comes with its own Chromed over Steel, Performance bell housing, designed specifically to super cool our Shorty clutch for longer lasting pads and better grip!

This Kit Fits most GY6 150cc Buggies and Scooters.
Measure the center hole on the clutch from flat side to flat side. If yours is 24mm, this will fit for you!

Plus, Check out our UNIQUE "Tutorial" WEBSITE, KNM GARAGE for more detailed info on this amazing Clutch Kit and more,

and we'll even show you how to install it!


This is the most Innovate clutch I have ever seen, more power more speed. I have a yerf dog spider box with a gy6 155ccc your combo ac ignition and coil running 17x 39 gears in final gears, dr pulley variator with 12gr sliders Reverse box with 16 tooth sprocket and 31 tooth main sprocket , heads are Polished and ported, open Exhaust. 28mm carb jetted to 35 main and 140 on high, in a dual stage air filter, 10in rims with 21x7 kendra front tires,22x10 back kendra tires. and a 1500 main spring and 1500 clutch springs. Top speed GPS with with koso cluch was 48 mph street new top Speed GPS 55mph street. Thanks KNM you rock!

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