Clutch Bell 150cc Ribbed Performance

Performance bell 150cc
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  • Item #: Clutch Bell 150cc Ribbed
  • Manufacturer: TMX
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Chrome Performance bell housing. Wide open design and heat ridges on the outside make this one COOL BELL HOUSING!

Unique design allows your clutch to run MUCH cooler.

Has a slight rough surface inside, designed to last just long enough for breaking in your clutch pads without causing undue wear.

Wide open face and a super cool look!

A cooler bell grabs your clutch better and because it has a bit more mass to it, it will add a couple MPH on your top end too and even more when coupled with one of our performance clutches!

  • Inner Diameter: 125mm
  • Inner Diameter (splines): 13.5mm
  • Number of Splines: 19
  • 1-3/8" deep 

NOTE: A few vehicles may need to modify their CVT cover for this ribbed bell to fit in there. It is 1/8" deeper than stock

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