Battery Performance Lithium Ion MMG2

Battery Performance Lithium Ion MMG2
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  • Item #: MGB LMMG2
  • Manufacturer: Mod
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MGB_LMMG2
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Change out that tired, unreliable Chinese Acid battery for our 12V Lithium Ion Battery.
Gets 2000 cycles compared to those old lead batteries 200 cycles!

You'll be amazed at how light this battery is! (Only 24oz!)
No more battery acid, longer lasting, More power, less weight!
Replaces common 7A-BS, YTX5L-BS, YB5L-B, YTZ7S, YTX7L-BS, YTZ10S & others!

5.94" X 3.43" X 3.70
160 Cold cranking amps
Built in LED test gage to see how much juice you have at a glance!

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