250cc TORQUE Level 3 CN

Shorty Clutch and Vented Variator CN250 upgrade kit
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  • Item #: 250cc TORQUE 3 CN
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
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CN250cc Torque Series Level 3
Want a serious upgrade that gets you a lot of torque? Our level 3 is the ticket!

Quicker Take off and better hill climbing for your CN250 Scooter!

-CN250 Vented Variator Kit (5" Fixed Fan) w /18gram Rollers and a
vented slide face and boss pin to keep your CVT cooler and add some pep to your step with a much better take off and stronger hill climbing. Vented Boss pin and slide faces also make our variator lighter than others which gives you even better low end torque!
(Check your measurements)
128mm across fixed fan (21 splines)
65mm Boss pin length
27mm OD Boss pin
17mm ID Boss pin
17mm Backing plate hole

Next Our,
-1500rpm Torque Spring (O.D. 65mm (2.5")
keeps you in "1st gear" longer adding to your low end torque and pushes the rear pully closed quicker to help you take off quicker and come out of corners at a higher rpm!

Most stock CN/CF 250cc vehicles typically come with a 1000rpm, (65mm o.d) main spring installed. There are some vehicles (Kymco & others) that take a 68mm OD spring. (2.7") The 68mm spring is special order, please call for availability before ordering.


Our KNM Exclusive,
REBUILDABLE CN250 Shorty Clutch kit
adds a whole new dimention to take off speed and value! Shaves 2 seconds off a 150' stock run! Smaller diameter clutch and bell reduces weight which is great for getting that sluggish scooter off the line quicker! Creates more RPM's at take off so you can climb and get around corners and turns better! Comes with its own Chromed over Steel, Performance bell housing too! (Center Clutch "D" hole, flat side to flat side, measures (26mm).
When it's time to replace your Shorty, simply rebuild it for a fraction of the cost, with our Shorty Rebuild kits. It's the last clutch you'll ever own!

This Kit Fits many CN250 Scooters such as Freedom 250, BMS, Roketa, Kinroad/Runmaster and many other vehicles types using the CN250 engine!
*Check the center holes on your stock bell housing and clutch for proper fit.
Our CN250 Shorty bell housing center hole has 19 splines and has a 14.7mm I.D
Our CN250 Shorty clutch center hole is 26mm, flat to flat.


NOTE: In some cases, if you have already lowered your roller weights to get more torque THEN install our shorty clutch, you may need to adjust your roller weights in your variator again.
Due to the large amount of torque our shorty Clutch gets you, you'll already be near the top torque you can get out of your machine so now you can work on your top speed with heavier, not lighter weights! Most of our 250 customers run between an 18 and 23 gram roller but yours may vary

learn more about these parts and how easy it is to install and set up with our step by step "How-To" videos in "KidNme Garage"

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