250cc F.A.S.T. Scooter Level 1

250cc FAST UPGRADE Level 1
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  • Item #: 250cc FAST Scooter 1
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
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250cc F.A.S.T. Series (Fuel, Air, Spark & Torque) Upgrade Level 1

In Level 1 for the CN, CH & CF250cc machines, we amp up your spark and Horse Power with our

-Enhanced, High Output Perfromance Coil
A hotter spark and much better quality than what comes on your buggy stock.

-NGK Iridium Spark plug (DPR7EIX-9)
for your 250cc Scooter. (Fits most CN/CF 250cc Chinese motors)
Bright Blue Spark from this plug!

Then we let in more AIR by strapping on a,

-52mm I.D.", Performance Air filter,
directly onto your carb intake.
More air flow for more Horse power!

Now, we mix in some MORE GAS with all that fresh air your stock carb is now getting with,
the included
-3pc-Main Jet pak!
(Pick your range of jets in the option box).
Most folks will go up around 4-6 sizes from your stock jet with this kit.

One of the first upgrades we suggest for the best bang for your buck!
Faster, quicker starting, better gas mileage, less emmissions and more HP!

 learn more about these parts and how easy it is to install and set up with our step by step "How-To" videos in "KNM Garage"

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