250cc F.A.S.T. Go kart Level 2

150 250cc F_A_S_T UPGRADE Level 2
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  • Item #: 250cc FAST 2 Go kart
  • Manufacturer: KidNme
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250cc F.A.S.T. (Fuel, Air, Spark & Torque) Upgrade Level 2

Moving on up from Level 1, we've amped up the spark and rpm's with,

KNM's Exclusive,
-250cc Smart, Digital, Adjustable CDI Ignition!

With a built in High Output Coil for even MORE POWER!!

This doesn't LOOK like your stock CDI and Coil because it isn't! (Click on pic above for more views!)

-You can get rid of your old, weak Coil wire! Our Digital Adjustable CDI has a High quality, High Output Coil wire actually built into it which helps provide a hotter spark.

-This CDI elongates your spark duration from a stock .002 seconds to a whopping .004 seconds long! This gives you a more complete combustion which translates into more power on less fuel!

-Adds close to 20 volts and almost a full 3 amps of extra power, not only making your lights burn brighter but when it's cold outside, they'll be no more killing your battery on cold starts!!

- We've just added even more tuneability with a Spark Timing dial so you can fine tune your motor's  RPM's from 2000rpm's to 10,000rpms!!

-"Unlimited" CDI RPM range with a "Soft Touch" feature that keeps you from over revving, it auto adjusts if needed so you don't have to worry about it!

-Digitally advances your ignition automatically at around 3000rpm and again at 8000 rpms for best performance then retards timing after 8000rpm if needed to prevent damaging your motor from over reving!

-There is about a 1.5 degree total range of spark Advance / Retard angle available if needed. Most stock machines will not need to mess with the dial, the CDI will do its thing automatically!

-Un-lock close to 1hp of untapped power from a plug & play part!!

  • Not only do you get more Horse power but you'll get better gas mileage too!
    Members are reporting between 4-7 more mpg, 3-7 more mph and reducing emissions all at the same time!

There's been nothing else like it out there even close to this price range for riders who want the best!

 MOST, 250's can use this CDI but be sure to check your users manual and manually check your plug configuration and shape before ordering. Because of the nature electronics, we can not accept returns on any electrical items. Sorry.) PLEASE check before ordering.

 Next in this kit,
Now we have a much stronger & longer spark duration, we need to add a top of the line Spark Plug!

-Iridium IX Spark Plug,  DPR7HIX
(replaces the stock DPR7ENS). Your stock plug just won't do it any more. NGK's Iridium IX is a perfect match to our Smart CDI/Coil combo for better gas mileage, better burn and takes advantage of the extra spark duration like no other! It provides outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability and runs in the "7" heat range which is perfect for these Chinese go kart and scooter engines.)

Now your New Smart CDI & Coil are installed, we let in more AIR with a,

-2" i.d. x 6"L, Two stage UNI Pod filter
Replace that restrictive stock air box & filter with one of the best off road performance filters on the market!

UNI is known the world over for their quality filters!

Now, add in a larger amount of GAS to go with all that fresh air and Spark your getting now with the included,

-3-Main Jet Pak!
Tuning up your stock carburetor is as simple as turning a screw and we'll give you 3 main jets to tune with in our "Guestimate" 3 Jet pak!

(Pick your range of jets in the option box below).

If you want a super quick response and a bit more HP, we add our 30mm pumper carburetor kit in Level 3!!

TOMBERLINE, ROKETA and many others.

learn more about these parts and how easy it is to install and set up with our step by step "How-To" videos in "KidNme Garage"

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