150cc F.A.S.T. Scooter 5 AC

Redneck UPGRADE Level 3
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  • Item #: 150cc F.A.S.T. Scooter 5 AC
  • Manufacturer: KNM Performance
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150cc Scooter F.A.S.T. Upgrade LEVEL 5 AC

F.A.S.T. stands for upgrading your
uel, Air, Spark and Torque

At KNM, you don't have to spend a lot to get a great performance upgrade.

This AC kit and is perfect for your upgrading your stock machine because 
it's easy to do and adds more Horse Power to your ride!
Works great on Scooters Mini-Buggy, gokart and even an ATV with the GY6 150 motor! 

We start this upgrade by pumping more fuel into your motor by changing your stock 24mm carburetor with our
30mm Pumper carb!
Get more HP and an INSTANT RESPONSE when you hit the gas!
Hooks right up similar to your old carb and adds a lot of pep!
You may need to change your petcock / Fuel Valve, if you have a vacuum style now, to our shut off style because the pumper doesn't need vacuum any more! (Get it from the drop down box above)
Our 30mm Pumper comes with a #125 Main jet and a #40 Pilot jet but w
e've made it easier to guess which size you need for your particular ride by adding a,

3- round slotted main jets, found in most Chinese gokarts, in a range of your choice. 
Most members under 1000' altitude will go up around 6-8 sizes from their stock main jet with this kit however, yours can vary. Higher altitudes (starting at around 1500') won't go quite as high. (if you have NO idea, #122 to #128 are the most chosen sizes for this kit)
Pick your 3Pak of Main Jets in the option box.


Now we have more fuel going into your motor, to keep the Air/Fuel ratio right, we need more air too!
 So next, we install a, 

-52mm Clamp on MOXI Pod filter
Fits on your 30mm carb as shown. Tube & Coupler not included.
2" PVC and a rubber coupler, can be found at your local hardware or plumbing store for under $15. The 150 buggy needs this extra pipe for best performance. The straighter you can have it, the better.

We'll add an
-Aluminum Performance Intake Manifold
Fits your new 30mm pumper to your motor is style! Aluminum riser intake moves air more efficiantly.

in order to burn our new fuel and air mixture better we add an,

-Iridium IX Spark Plug (CR7HIX-9)
(Replaces your stock CR7HSA). Fits most GY6 125/150 motors.
Much better spark and fuel efficiency.

AND lastly
The true Brains of this kit,

KNM's Exclusive,

 -KNM's DDI Super Ignition with Built-In H.O. Coil and DC POWER BOOST!!

 KNM has designed the next generation of Digital CDI!

AC fired CDI with a DC boost from your battery!

Guaranteed more power than you can get from any other AC only CDI on the market now!!
Here's why!


  • Our CDI is mounted closer to your Spark plug in a waterproof box, creating less resistance and a MUCH BETTER SPARK! we don't waste power in a long coil wire.
  • 10.500 RPM range with a safety feature, it auto adjusts with the "Soft Touch" chip to avoid over revving!

  • Digitally elongates your spark duration from a .002 seconds to a whopping .006 seconds! 
    3X More burn = More HP, better gas milage and cleaner emissions!

  • Hi RPM Timing dials for precise tuning. Digitally advances your ignition automatically at around 3000rpm and again at 8000rpms for best performance then retards after 10,500rpm to prevent damaging your motor from over reving! and now, you can manually adjust your spark timing like never before, for the best performance available!
  • There is about a 1 degree range of Advance / Retard angle available if you need it. 
  • Most stock machines will not need to mess with the dial, the CDI will do its thing automatically but if you've done mods or plan to, this is the only CDI that will grow with you too!!

  • What makes the KNM DDI EXTRA SPECIAL? - The new addition of an electronic DC switch. Once you are running, our CDI automatically add to the power coming from your stator by adding your battery power once you're started and running. The instantanious 12+V from your battery, gives you a stronger spark for higher rpm's than anyone else who just has a plain old AC CDI!

  • Un-lock untapped power and greatly improve efficiency! 

  • The included On / Off Toggle switch can be used to turn your motor off and used as an anti- theft deterrent! Your bike won't start when the switch is in the off position. (You can also omit the toggle and just connect it directly to your starter switch)

  • Great for stock motors with a weak spark and hard cold starting and a "Must" when upgrading your carburetor and intake and is a perfect fit for installing Big Bore or 4 valve head Kits!

  • You will get a better, faster running machine with an even higher RPM potential, less emissions and better gas mileage too!
    Members are reporting between 4-7 more miles per gallon! 

Although this CDI uses DC power from your battery as well as your stator, you still need an AC powered machine to begin with.
*This will not work on a DC fired machine. 

The DDI Comes with, 
An (English) Installation Diagram and step by step instructions,
Toggle switch mounting nut & washers.


A "quick check" to see if you have an AC or DC fired machine - If you can turn your lights on with just the key in the "on" position but the engine not running, yours is probably a DC unit but this method is not always accurate alone.
If you only have 1 wire going into the small "2 pin plug" on your stock cdi AND you can turn your lights on without the motor running, you probably have a DC CDI. 
Check your plug shape / configuration against the pictures we provide here before ordering.
You need to be sure BEFORE YOU ORDER because of the nature of electronics, we can not accept returns on elecrical items.

Need to know more?
 learn how easy it is to install and set up with our 
step by step, "How-To" videos in "KNM Garage"

FREE Videos, Diagrams, Instruction, Manuals and more!

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